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Although such obvious issues do exist bankers do have an obligation to limit their risk and lend with a level head. wholesale nfl jerseys Banking is a business and when someone does not pay back those loans or makes late payments, there are costs to the banks and such fall out rates do affect the car dealership or credit card company and their standing with their money sources. Bankers say they are risk adverse and although one could argue it is not their money or that they will loan billions to Mexico or large real estate projects at prime plus.5% and yet sock it to the local 50 year in community, cheap nfl jerseys online shop hardware store or contractor; one must understand that the bank is in business and they are allowed to choose to whom they lend. Now those who wish to loan to airlines right now? Well you know, I would have to ask about the IQ levels? No government should dictate to whom a bank lends, who an insurance company insures or who cashes whose payroll checks.

In the business world we realize and it has been said that; Even equity stake is form of debt as investors expect to seek returns. Nothing wrong with that, call a spade a spade. You can't succeed without risk. The real problem is that the average person has two point two kids, cheap nhl jerseys white picket fence, college degree, mini van and 1.5 times annual income in short term debt, credit cards mostly. Paying 18% the wrong way; they are stuck working and that is where they have economically enslaved themselves. This is 82.3% of America? So chances are if you are reading this article you doing fine by that standard.

Many Americans realize this is where they are and like the commercial says; nfl replica jerseys I am up to my eyeballs in debt somebody help me! Many who we consider well off admit that they are; floundering in debt and perhaps that is an ironic dichotomy indeed as they may be a respected executive in charge of a large company's success and even manage controls to prevent wastefulness, buy discount nfl jerseys yet in their personal life have issues with money and solvency.

Many do not wish to take responsibility for their actions, remain in denial and thus say; well, consider this, that the cost of living, has been raised and all the bureaucracy causes everything to cost more, but not up to the breaking point, nfl shop free shipping just enough to keep you working your butt off for maximum efficiency? Where as in the economic enslavement of the American Rat Race, they do have a point. I would like to point out that they also have a choice. Debt is a choice, you made that choice and if you want that to change you have to make another choice, to admit you are one of the 200 million Americans with debt that is out of control. What are you going to do about it? Complain or make a change? Think on this.