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Some say that the world of finance revolves around debt and usury. Yet we must understand that banking is a business. cheap nhl jerseys wholesale from china If you will be frugal with your money and respect it, limit your outflows and save, then you can lend money to others and make money on your investment. Some believe that banks cheat consumers and charge high rates violating usury laws, yet it is their money and no one is holding a gun to your head telling you to accumulate more debt? There are many who write articles on the exploitation of Hispanic and African or Black Americans and how they are cheated with higher interest rates. Yet, wholesale nfl jerseys since when does anyone need a new no expense, no option spared 4 Wheel Drive V 8 SUV for driving around a city, what is wrong with a Dodge Neon or a used car out of the classified section?

We have seen the government go after Usury banking charges and file cases as a knee jerk reaction to those who complain. African Americans and Hispanic Americans have in fact been charged higher interest rates for such things as; cars, nfl replica jerseys homes and credit cards. The lower end finance game, with pre paid payroll loans secured by pink slips, hock shops and check cashing stores have been issues as well. Yet if we look at what people spend money on, cheap nhl jerseys we see the Hurricane Katrina refugees with $2,000 debit cards, spend money on expensive new shoes, nudie bar lap dances and alcohol. That is not exactly respecting the money given to them or helping themselves put their lives back together is it? This attitude and human innate tendency seems to be more of the problem then the usury debate or the exploitation of such folks, after all it is a choice.

We are all aware of the FTC cases and NYC Attorney General Elliot Spitzer cases on Hispanic and Black Lending practices on automobiles. However, when researching this myself there is another side of this issue and one should be aware of the cheap nhl jerseys china are very popular by the nhl fans NADA North American Dealership Association for automobile business and their defense of their dealership members. You see the have to package those loans of those with questionable credit and sell them and indeed those who make poor choices will screw up their credit. When discussing things with bankers and their justifications of loan to loss ratios.

Although one who studies demographics and costs in various areas of our nation, we also see both sides of this issue. We might also compare the prices in Grocery stores in low income areas to the higher income areas where the produce is better and yet the price; they are lower? Go figure, pretty hard to deny this stuff; so we see the points of these complaints and the distrust from those poorer communities. nhl hockey jerseys sale online only cost $30 Indeed since the poorer people live in depressed real estate areas which are generally closer to railroad tracks and industrial distribution, the cost to get the goods to market rather than all the way into the suburbs ought to be much cheaper and so the costs should be less right? Sure they should, but they are not.