Investing in Commercial Solar Power Projects

Energy Finance Company (EFC) was formed to provide the capital for quality credit commercial, municipal and government customers desiring solar power systems. EFC’s Funding Solar Energy Fund, LP (the “FUSE Fund”), is the vehicle that owns and operates the solar projects and provides up to 100% of the capital required. The FUSE Fund uses a unique business model that offers a simple, low-cost way, to purchase solar electricity.  For investors, the FUSE Fund is positioned to deliver attractive and stable returns based on profitable long-term contracts with high quality customers.

FUSE Fund Guiding Principals

  • Sound and risk averse investments focused on high-quality business, municipal and commercial solar power projects in North America – the world’s largest and fastest growing energy market
  • Access to largest distribution platform in North America, and pipeline of high quality solar projects
  • Predictable, secure and stable long-term financial returns from reliable energy producing assets
  • Multiple power purchase agreement (PPA) customers and geographic diversity to reduce risk
  • Strategic positioning to benefit from declining panel and installation costs
  • Unique low pursuit cost, low overhead business model
  • Satisfied customers enjoying energy and environmental benefits
  • Dedicated to clean and abundant energy

FUSE Fund Wildwood Project Video

EFC is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California with partners in San Francisco, California and Austin, Texas. EFC’s team includes both financial and solar executives with over $850 million in solar project leadership, $5 billion in transactions, and 100 years of combined experience.


Solignet’s Stellar Energy Solutions

LightStorm Entertainments AVATAR Solar Project

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World Class Strategic Relationship and Team

EFC has a strategic relationship with Soligent, the largest solar distributor in the United States whose 7,000 dealers operate in 50 states and provides a strong pipeline of solar projects.  This relationship enables the FUSE Fund to efficiently source high-quality deal flow across North America and adjacent markets.

The founders of EFC have a long and diverse history in energy and specialized structured financing and investments (over $5 billion), including solar and renewable energy. In April 2009, they partnered with ITOCHU, a Global 500 company with over $35 billion in revenues (, in the acquisition of Soligent the largest privately-held solar distributor and a large system integrator in the United States. Soligent includes DC Power Systems, Solar Depot and Stellar Energy Solutions. Soligent serves solar dealers across the United States, Canada and Central and South America concentrated in locales conducive to solar installations. Soligent’s division Stellar Energy, provides engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) experience ( and link to capabilities brochure).